Royal Navy Officer's Sword

Product Code : HRS-1010

Price : 345

Product Specifications :

The first Royal Navy pattern sword was created in 1805, its elegant but impractical design being superseded by a solid-hilt design developed in 1827 is now available at an affordable price. In 1846, a blade was standardised for all Royal Navy Officers. The current light, single-edged straight blade was adopted in 1929.
Carried by RN Commissioned Officers, Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Australian Navy and a whole host of other Commonwealth navies today’s regulation Navy Sword with brass hilt, white grip and made in the gothic style with some harkening back to Nelson's times brass pommel in the form of a lion.
The Royal Navy sword incorporates a unique mechanism that often proved a life-saver. The inner side of the guard is hinged so that it can be folded down to engage with a pin on the scabbard top mount.
The leather scabbard decorated with engraved brass mounts, the length of the blade is 31.6 inches.
Best wishes, to Navy, Naval reserve and Navy League officers who have purchased this sword. After all it have been the ultimate symbol of a commissioned officer for over 300 years!